Overview of seed varieties – Winter wheat


  • excellent yields – 10 tonnes/ha (given by a higher number of ears and a higher number of grains in an ear)
  • excellent baking quality – A/B
  • excellent state of health (resistant to black frost, shortage of precipitation and heavy precipitation; stress-tolerance; tolerant of soil conditions)


  • outstanding baking quality – E+
  • high grain yields
  • good state of health + winter hardiness and frost resistance, tolerance of soil-climate conditions
  • earliness


  • excellent baking quality – E
  • high yield potential – up to 10 tonnes/ha
  • a high and stable falling number, high test weight
  • very good state of health and frost resistance


  • baking quality – A, under good conditions can reach E
  • it offers certainty – one of the most stable varieties in terms of yield across all years and locations
  • a stable falling number and test weight of grain
  • good, balanced resistance to all serious diseases of winter wheat


  • high grain yields, baking quality – E
  • one of the most competitive varieties of winter wheat (tolerant of frost and drought)
  • high lodging resistance


  • stability of baking quality – A
  • superior yields across the whole Czech Republic, extraordinary tolerance of lighter soils, dry spells, and low quality soils
  • medium tillering ability


  • combines high yields and stable baking quality – A
  • a high falling number, test weight, and sedimentation test
  • low demands on soil conditions, lower frost resistance


  • combines very high yields and good baking quality – A
  • excellent leaf and ear health
  • medium tillering ability


  • a superior quality variety (the highest quality among the varieties tested in the Czech Republic)
  • good resistance to diseases
  • excellent tillering ability and winter hardiness


  • a superior yielding variety, baking quality – A
  • high ear productivity, medium tillering
  • excellent lodging resistance, excellent leaf health


  • stable baking quality A
  • very good state of health
  • suitable for all locations
  • medium tillering ability