The Crop production

  • The Mechanization
    Our company manages a total of 1,300 hectares of arable land. To achieve the best results both in terms of quality and in terms of quantity, we use the most efficient mechanization and constantly modernize it. We work with the machines eg. Ref .: JOHN DEERE, FENDT, Lemken, HARDI, MAN Horsch, CATERPILLAR, SWIFTER, SIMBA, harrows, etc.
  • The crop treatment
    Our cultivation is focused on a minimizing the usage of fertilizers and pesticides according to the principle: “only the necessary.” The whole growing process is controlled by the system and directives of the State Phytosanitary Administration.
  • The storage
    The total capacity of the reconstructed buildings, which are adapted for grain storage, is 5000 tons.
  • The manufacture of our own seed
    To achieve the highest possible quality and profitability of our grain, we produce our own seed (also for resale). The technology to produce seed – Petkus (grain cleaning equipment) Rotostat (pickling equipment).
    The manufacturing process is controlled by ÚKZÚZ Praha, governed by precise directives. Each batch produced gains according to laboratory tests a recognition leaf seed.

The most commonly used stains – Vibrance Gold and Celest Extra.

The Animal production

Breeding swine: barn capacity – 400 pieces, automatic air exchange, partially automated feeding system.