Overview of seed varieties – Barley


A mid-late multi-rowed winter barley variety with good winter hardiness and high grain yields. It has very good resistance to lodging – one of the best among the winter barley varieties currently permitted. It shows excellent results in terms of resistance to gemmation, which can be of great advantage in harvesting. This variety has the highest content of starch among the winter barley varieties currently permitted. The height of plants is 102 cm.



A new, exceptionally high-yielding variety of spring malting barley which every year achieves excellent results in all spring barley production areas. VENDELA is a mid-early variety of mid-high type, with good resistance to lodging. Its state of health ranges from steadily good to very good, which is the reason it achieves excellent results in the non-treated variant of growing as well.

All melting parameters of this high-yielding variety meet the requirements for production of malt/beer with the protected geographical indication “CZECH BEER”.