Welcome to the website of LINHART farm, an agricultural company that specializes in producing, buying, and selling typical agricultural commodities.

Our company consists of three companies – LUMÍR LINHART, MARTIN LINHART, LINHART LUMÍR Ltd.

We are a Czech company that has been on the market since 1991. Nowadays, we cultivate 1,300 ha of arable land where we grow mainly WHEAT, RAPE, BARLEY, OAT, SOYA, and SUGAR BEET. Our goal is to grow and deliver produce that our clients can fully trust. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us; our clients can verify the quality of our products through laboratory tests carried out by the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Prague. We are also able to send samples of desired products to our clients upon request.

The farm is located near the cities of Mělník and Mladá Boleslav. The central farm is situated in the village of Mělnické Vtelno, the associated farms in the villages of Charvatce and Řepín.

Along with our own production, we buy and sell crop commodities – mainly wheat and rape. We produce seed material, both for our own use and for sale. Secondarily, we also specialize in livestock production (trade in pigs) and trade in coal and car batteries.


In 1991, Lumír and Jaroslava Linhart founded the company LUMÍR LINHART in Liblice. They began cultivating 8 hectares of land, specializing primarily in typical agricultural and livestock production. They had a good example to follow in Mr Linhart’s grandfather, Mr Bednář, who had owned three flour mills in the 1920s, which had, however, been confiscated from him due to the political events of 1939.

In 1995, they bought a central farm in Mnělnické Vtelno, increasing the total area of their arable land to 400 ha.

In 1999, they rented a farm in the village of Řepín; the land in their possession amounted to 550 ha.

In 2003, they bought a farm in the village of Charvatce, the area of their arable land totalling 1300 ha.

Throughout its existence, the company has been carrying out extensive reconstructions, especially on the central farm in Mnělnické Vtelno. The agricultural machinery has been being modernized and increased in number and the area of arable land extended.

In 2002, a subsidiary company called MARTIN LINHART was established, specializing in the production of certified seed and livestock production.

In 2005, a second subsidiary company – LUMÍR LIHNART S.R.O. – was established, which trades in agricultural commodities and coal.